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Why Florida Grapefruit?

Florida Grapefruit is known around the world for its great taste and nutritional benefits. Keep reading to find out what makes Florida Grapefruit and Florida Grapefruit Juice unique.

Why Florida?

Florida’s subtropical climate, with moderate temperatures, abundant rainfall, plenty of sunshine and unique sandy soil helps grow the sweetest and juiciest grapefruit in the world. While those subtropical conditions can create blemishes on the exterior of Florida Grapefruit, they only enhance what’s on the inside. That, along with a thin peel, makes Florida Grapefruit highly sought-after around the world.

Indian River Region

Much of Florida’s Grapefruit is grown in the Indian River region of the state.Located on the east coast of Florida, the Indian River stretches more than 200 miles (320 km) south from Daytona to West Palm Beach. Growers ship their fruit to all corners of the world, including Japan, South Korea and the United Kingdom.

Peak Season

Florida Grapefruit is available in stores from November to May each year. And, just as the weather turns cold in Florida, peak season arrives. Florida Grapefruit is at its sweetest from January to May.


Florida Grapefruit dates back to the 1800s when Count Odet Philippe planted the state’s first grapefruit grove near Tampa Bay. The fruit earned its unusual name because of the way it grows on citrus trees. Take a walk down a grapefruit grove and you’ll notice the fruit grows in a cluster like a bunch of oversized grapes.


Florida Grapefruit growers are committed to preserving the state’s natural resources by adopting sustainable agricultural practices. Partnering with leading scientific researchers, Florida Grapefruit growers use data to continually improve the way they care for their trees in order to reduce water usage, protect wildlife and limit erosion.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When stored in a refrigerator crisper, fresh Florida Grapefruit will last up to three weeks, making it an easy choice when you need an energy boost on a busy day.

A stunning smile starts with healthy gums.Vitamin C, which is found in Florida Grapefruit and 100% Florida Grapefruit Juice, may help keep teeth healthy by supporting collagen production as a foundation for healthy gum tissue.So go ahead, take on the paparazzi!

After a long day, try pampering tired feet and hands in a bowl of warm water mixed with 100% Florida Grapefruit Juice.

Your overall diet and health regimen may contribute to smooth, supple skin.The vitamin C found in Florida Grapefruit and 100% Florida Grapefruit Juice may help support collagen production to help keep skin looking youthful, glowing and picture perfect for whatever the day throws your way.